Where do I start?
Every journey begins with the first step… so the best place to start is to take our Quiz to get you in the right direction.

We feed 2 or 3 regular pony cubes which are pencil width and approx. 2cm long, or you can also use small pieces of apple or carrot. Anything small enough so that you can get on with the training instead of waiting for your horse to finish chewing!  

In the beginning we actually use ‘sailing rope’ which feels nice and silky in your hand. The length is approx 4m which is shorter than a conventional lunge line – less chance of getting in a tangle! Later on we switch to a long lunge line as we then be working on a big 20m circle.

We use a longer ‘in-hand’ dressage whip which is 140cm rather than a lunge whip, as it feels like an extension of your arm – like a ‘magic wand’. We don’t tend to use a lunge whip as they are awkward to handle and the long lash can get in a tangle.

No. For the non-ridden programs we use a simple flat head collar or bridle with a snaffle bit, and for the ridden programs your usual tack will be fine, so long as everything fits properly.

When you purchase you will immediately be emailed an invite to create an account and a link to view your training videos. Your videos will be available online in your own library in perpetuity i.e. there is no expiry. You can access anytime and view as often as you wish.

Rest assured you are protected. If for any reason you change your mind, simply email at any time within the first 7 days for a prompt and cheerful refund.

Yes of course! Email Tracy via the support page or message via social media and she will get back to you with all the help you could wish for.

We hope to continue to share Raffles’ training with you so that we can all progress up the levels and enjoy future success together. Please sign up to the mailing list and we will let you know when the new programs are released.

Ready for an adventure?

Come learn with us.

Get unique online dressage training that teaches you & your horse to reach your full potential.


Ready to get started?

Get unique online dressage training that teaches you & your horse to reach your full potential.