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Just one of 16 videos from our hugely popular ‘In-Hand Program’.

This lesson will teach you how to develop suppleness as we transition from ‘Shoulder-In’ to ‘Renvers’.

In this lesson Jenku works with Jack on the next step in developing your horses lateral work ‘In-Hand’. Starting with an ‘Archer’s Stance’, first you will learn how to set up ‘Shoulder-In’. Your hands will become more educated as you get the right feeling – and your horse will begin to understand the movements on the ground, which makes the lateral work much more simple for your horse, when it comes to training under saddle. You will see as the lesson progresses how the movement becomes clearer and clearer to Jack as he is learning in ‘real-life’ – just like you!

The next step is to then transition into ‘counter curve’ (also known as Renvers) by pulling down on the ‘whip hand’. Don’t worry if you feel like there is a lot of information to take in – our quick reference cards for each lesson will keep you and your horse on track. By the end of this lesson you will begin to develop a lovely swing in the hind legs and your horse will become beautifully supple and feel light in your hands – like a dance partner! 

Imagine what you and you horse could learn in a whole month… you will be transformed!

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