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Just one of 16 videos from our hugely popular ‘Lunge & Liberty Program’.

Did you know your horse has ‘buttons’? This lesson will teach you where they are, and how to use them to help your horse to balance and work correctly.

We begin this program teaching you the ‘hand signals’ which become the basis for our communication on the lunge. Now it’s time to start putting the signals together and you will be amazed how quickly your horse will read your subtle cues!

Herman is big-framed, with lovely loose paces – but like most horses, he can lose his balance easily. Whereas in ‘conventional lungeing’ which often results in ‘falling in’ and losing even more balance – you will see how this technique will help your to horse to learn to balance themselves and figure out just where their own limbs need to be. 

By the end of this lesson you will learn how to build in all the ‘buttons’ that will transform your horse so they become beautifully light and balanced – like a ballerina!

Imagine what you and you horse could learn in a whole month… you will be transformed!

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