Our Fundamentals

'It is better to be on the ground, wishing your were on your horse - than on your horse, wishing you were on the ground!'

1. Make it fun!

Together we can make training fun for you and your horse. Watch your horse start to love to learn!

2. Training is a language

It is more than a system, it is a language. Together we can learn to communicate our intentions clearly with our horse, using a combination of body language cues and instant accurate feedback.

3. Food is always good

Rewarding desired behaviour with food has scientific benefits. Food stimulates licking and chewing, which helps the horse access the parasympathetic nervous system (the part responsible for “resting and digesting”). Your horse can only learn in this calm relaxed state.

4. Punishment is bad

If you punish your horse he will stop trying for you. Trust will be lost. Together we can learn there is a better way.

5. Find neutral

Together we can find a neutral, calm, relaxed state where learning can take place - for both you and your horse.

6. The invisible box

When you sit on your horse, your bit, your reins and your legs create an "Invisible Box". It has the tendency to trigger claustrophobia in your horse, which in turn triggers the opposition reflex. The primitive solution is to use more tack to “box” your horse in. Together we can find a better solution.


7. Horses think in pictures

Horses see differences between things much more than similarities. They think in pictures and notice minuscule changes in their environment which can make them nervous. Together we can help your horse feel in control of their environment instead of feeling like they are a victim.

8. Slowly, slowly, slowly

We’re living in an era where everything is about instant gratification. But horses still learn at the same slow speed as they did 300 years ago. Slow it down, take your time and get it right. Together we can take small steps toward your ultimate goal.

9. Relaxation is key

Training the movements is only beautiful when it comes from a place of relaxation, not tension. Together we can learn how to enhance performance, not crush it.

10. Be consistent

Consistency is measured by achieving 9 times out of 10. Together we can get our basics consistent - and then we can move on.

11. Oops is better than 'what if?'

Better an OOPS than a 'what if…?' Never be afraid to try something new and fail at it. If you make a mistake, learn from it, and try again. Together we can try new things and improve.

12. Your horse is your reflection

Your horse is a reflection of you. Train yourself to be a better trainer. Together we can achieve anything!

There maybe no wi-fi in the arena,
but there is a connection.

"Such great programs! I now know EXACTLY what to do in all situations. Everything is explained in simple terms that I can actually understand. I get so much out of this training. Highly recommended!"
— Maria C.
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Get unique online dressage training that teaches you & your horse to reach your full potential.


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Get unique online dressage training that teaches you & your horse to reach your full potential.